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Palm Oil 8 Oz

Palm Oil 8 oz
Palm Oil 8 oz
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All Natural Palm Oil

Pure Palm oil, produced from the fruit of the oil palm, ( Elaeis Guinnesis tree) Our pure Palm oil is refined without the use of any harmful chemical solvents.

Palm oil is used in all kinds of products for skin care, hair care and, is a top oil used to make Cold process soap. Palm oil is used in cold process soap to to add to the hardness of the bar and is typically replaced for tallow in all vegetable oil recipes.

Soap made with pure Palm Oil typically has a dense lather with great bubbles, but lather gets creamier the more you wash.

Palm Oil is liquid and solid oils. In cold process soap you will need to fully melt and stir your palm until it is clear before using it so that it is the right mix of oils every time.

INCI: Elaeis Guineensis (Palm) Oil

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