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Peppermint Oil Drum

Peppermint Oil Drum
Peppermint Oil Drum
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Peppermint Oil

180 Kg Drum / 396 Lb Drum

Our Peppermint Oil is the highest quality.

It is Kosher Approved, and Halal Approved.

It can be used in a wide variety of applications. Whether for fragrance, or flavor, it will meet your Peppermint Oil requirements, and is a very good value as well.

An entirely Natural Oil, originally distilled from the more popular, Mentha Piperita. Peppermint Oils from Mentha Piperita typically have a warmer peppermint oil smell, due to the higher menthol content.

We will gladly send samples, and technical information. As all sales are final we always recommend approving the product first.

CAS 8000-34-5

ITC / HS N0. 33012590

Very slight yellow - clear and colorless

Origin: India

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