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Pipettes 7ml with measured 3 ml bulb Disposable

Pipettes Box of 500 7 ml with 3 ml measured Draw
Pipettes Box of 500 7 ml with 3 ml measured Draw
Item# pipettes-500
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Pipettes / Transfer Pipettes

500 Pipette Box

High Quality 7ml Pipette with 3 ml Measured Draw


Use to transfer Essential Oil, Fragrances & Aromatherapy and any other liquids. Typically used for mixing, transferring oils, or other liquids.

Top Quality Disposable Pipette

3 ml (total draw 7 ml)

Made of polyethylene, and extremely pliable. Great for transferring most liquids - even perfume, eardrops, etc.

Durable enough for all but the strongest solvents. Reusable but sold as disposable.

Pipette stem is graduated in .5 milliliter increments up to 3 ml.

We ship these graduated pipetes with essential & fragrance oils.

Use in same product, then dispose as needed.

Great for all types of applications: School, university lab work , aromatherapy, hobbies...crafts, soap making, food preparation, fragrances and more!

# Perfect for Transferring and Dispensing Liquids

# Inert to Biological Fluids and Most Acids and Alkalis

# Disposable - Eliminates Risk of Cross Contamination

# Can be Frozen in Liquid Nitrogen

# Unbreakable - molded in 1 Piece

# Low Density Polyethylene

# Non-Toxic

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