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Pink Rose Petals 4 Oz
Pink Rose Petals 4 Oz
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Pink Rose Petals For your blending of Potpourri, herbal concoctions, bath salts, compounding, medicinal herbal needs.

Our fresh pink Rose petals are perfect for making all types of potpourri, home compounding of soaps, & making other arts of life! You will love our quality.

Uses/Lore include: Used in all types of potpourri, and other formulations.

8 Oz has Appx 10 - 12 cups. A little, by weight, goes a long way!

Pink Rose Petals and leaves # Botanical Name: Rosa Centifolia # Origin: Typically India

* Beautiful Pink Rose Peatals with a few buds for potpourri and soaps and more!

This is for the 4 Oz size, if you purchase two (8 Oz) the price break will show up in the cart automatically.

For a list of general uses for Rose Petals and other additives check out our Additive Information & Formulation page or look at some of these specific uses for Rose Petals:

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