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Lauryl Glucoside Plantaren 1200 5 Gallon

Lauryl Glucoside Plantaren 1200 5 Gallon
Lauryl Glucoside Plantaren 1200 5 Gallon
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Lauryl Glucoside is a non ionic, highly active, easy to use sulfate free surfactant. It contains no solvents or harmful hydrotropes.

•Made from 100% natural, renewable, plant-derived feedstocks

  • Biodegradable
  • Excellent foaming capacity and cleansing properties
  • Stable even in low pH applications
  • Gentle and effective – proven mildness
  • Sulfate Free,
  • No preservatives used in production. So you can choose your preferred method in end product.
  • Compatible with a wide variety of surfactants

    Lauryl Glucoside is approved for use in formulations sold to Whole Foods , and it holds a green scale rating on Skin Deep / EWG website. This surfactant is also EcoCert approved for certified organic formulations.

    Lauryl Glucoside is highly recommended as a primary or a co-surfactant in shampoos, shower gels and bubble bath formulations where mildness is desired.

    Extra Benefits - When Lauryl Glucoside / Plantaren 1200 N UP is used in conjunction with difficult-to-thicken surfactants, such as sulfosuccinates, it enhances viscosity build-up and increases foam volume in low-foaming formulations. Furthermore, Plantaren 1200 N UP enhances the depositions of cationic polymers from shampoo formulations, which can improve the conditional effect. It is compatible with all other classes of surfactant including cationic ingredients.

    Often used with Cationic Polymers to build viscosity and offer high level of conditioning.

    Hazy Pale Yellow Liquid

    Self Preserved using a higher pH . pH is 11.5 to 12.5. Slightly Hazy to hazy appearance due to magnesium content, Typically when pH is lowered haziness disappears.

    Highly Active - 48 to 55 %

    Aqueous solution of a C 12-C16 fatty alcohol surfactant for all types of formulations.

    Excellent surfactant for: Shampoos, Bath washes, Shower gels, Bubble baths. Hand Soaps, Moisturizing lotions, creams, and soaps.

    Also used in some hard surface cleaners and other applications since it works well in hard water and easily biodegrades.

    Synonyms: Lauryl Glucose, Plantaren 1200 , DeSulf GOS-P-60WCG, Marlosan 240, Glucopon 600 UP, Triton CG 650, Ritafactant LG, INCI: Lauryl Glucose

    Research your applications before use.

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