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ChemConx Blend Plantapon 611L Quart

Plantapon 611L UP 1 Quart
Plantapon 611L UP 1 Quart
Item# plntapon-611L-1quart
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Top Quality highly dilutable, gentle concentrated Surfactant Blend Plantapon 611L UP

Our ChemConx Plantapon 611 L is a high solids, alkanolamide free, very mild, high active surfactant concentrate containing patented Alkyl Glycoside technology. Plantapon 611 L is a synergistic combination of a high foaming anionic surfactant, a cocamidopropyl betaine, and lauryl glucoside designed to build maximum viscosity even at low active levels. Plantapon 611 L can be diluted to yield high foaming, non-alkanolamide containing shampoos, body washes and skin cleansers with excellent viscosity potentiation.


Plantapon 611 L can be used as the basis for a complete line of shampoos and skin cleansers by the addition of other functional ingredients (i.e. proteins and botanicals) to customize the final products. Plantapon 611 L can be diluted to 10-20% (w/w) with water, followed by addition of fragrance and preservatives, to form a range of high performance economical products. For example, at 14% by weight in water, this top quality, high solids concentrate yields a high viscosity liquid hand soap with excellent flash foam. At higher use levels of 20% to 25% premium quality shampoos with luxurious foaming properties are produced.

Can be easily diluted and thickened with sodium chloride

Technical Data:

% Solids 63.0

% Anionic Surfactant 42.0

pH as is 7.0

Viscosity as is (centipoise) 5200

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