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Polyquaternium 7 1 Gallon (7 Lb + -)

Polyquaternium 7 1 Gallon
Polyquaternium 7 1 Gallon
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Polyquaternium 7

A top conditioner. Polyquaternium 7 is an excellent cationic conditioner for hair and skin at typical use levels of 0.5% to 5% (copolymer solids) to provide excellent lubricity, softness, light hair conditioning and combability enhancing properties to hair without excessive build up INCI: Polyquaternium-7

Perfect for use in shampoo and shower gels, spray on, leave in hair conditioners. And, a very good detangler and provides slip for easier wet-combing. Adds softness and shine to dry hair.

CAS 26590-05-6

1 Gallon (7 Lb +-)

Also known as Polyquaternium 7, Polyquat-7,Ritaquat 7,Rhodia Mirapol 550, Cationic Polymer, Merquat

Colorless, clear liquid

Cationic Polymer.

Compatible with most surfactant systems.

Used for formulation of bath / shower gel, 2 - in-1 product, shampoo and rinse off conditioners too.

At higher concentrations than the typical 0.5% to 3% listed above the film forming attributes of this polyquaternium 7 may be utilized in hair gels, mousses and setting lotions.

Skin care applications include shaving creams, bath additives, creams, lotions and deodorants.

Solubility - Soluble in Water / dispersed in water with agitation.

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