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Potassium Cocoate Vegetable Natural Soap base 16 Oz

Potassium Cocoate Vegetable Soap base 16 Oz
Potassium Cocoate Vegetable Soap base 16 Oz
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All vegetable derived, soap base

Our Potassium Cocoate Soap Base is an all natural vegetable derived soap base made from saponified coconut oil. A mild, all vegetable based, soap with great lathering.

Our vegetable soap base is perfect for diluting to make all kinds of shampoo, body washes, liquid hand soaps, and is a great natural laundry detergent base. Because it is slightly alkaline is foams well it is an excellent cleaner, plus it has some naturally derived glycerin to add some good moisturizing qualities to the soap.

  • A true Liquid soap. All Vegetable origin.
  • No parabens
  • No Sulfates /no SLS & SLES
  • No PEGS, PPG or DEA or phthlates
  • No Glycols
  • All natural - no mineral oil compounds

  • Easy to use - just dilute, add any desired fragrance(s) and color if you desire. Our simple vegetable derived soap base is made to be diluted. Or if you want to add to the performance of another soap, just add to other finished soaps. Dilution rate depends on what you are making. An example - Dilute our simple soap base with 2 parts water for a nice liquid hand soap or shampoo. You can even add fragrance(s) and color as desired.

    Our simple soap potassium cocoate 40 can easily improve the feel and performance of synthetic detergent shampoos, body washes, laundry detergents

    INGREDIENTS - Our Simple Soap Base, Potassium Cocoate 40 has only three ingredients -

    Water, potassium cocoate made up of pure coconut oil, and to saponify the oils - pure potassium hydroxide, and as a by product, the all natural glycerin.

  • Potassium Cocoate Soap Base
  • Appearance - Clear Yellow / Gold Liquid
  • pH (10$ sol) 10 - 12
  • Specific Gravity 1.04 +-
  • Viscosity (25c) 40 - 70 cps
  • Odor - Typical/ Bland
  • Glycerin (10 to 12%)

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