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Potassium Hydroxide flake 2 Lb

Potassium Hydroxide flake 2 Lb
Potassium Hydroxide flake 2 Lb
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Potassium Hydroxide

Potassium Hydroxide, also known as caustic potash is used in making high quality alkaline detergent blends. Potassium Hydroxide or Caustic Potash is a type of lye used in cold process and hot process soap making. Potassium Hydroxide creates soap that has a putty-like, almost liquid texture and is great for making whipped soaps. With the Potassium Hydroxide in place of the Sodium ion, the soap, when setting up ( going through the saponification process), creates soap that has a less firm, almost liquid texture. KOH or Caustic Potash is great for making whipped soaps

KOH, or Caustic Potash, also has many other uses- from providing potassium to making alkaline detergents, and much more.

2 Lb

Shipping Information: Potassium Hydroxide, solid, 8, UN1813, PG II in the 2 Lb container ships as an ORM Ground Only,. In larger quantities it is Subject to Hazardous Material Shipping Charges

Additional Steps required for ordering Potassium Hydroxide

Fill out Hazmat Waiver Form. See link below. Orders or potassium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide, require or HAZ MAT Waiver Form to be filled out and emailed. Click on and Print out this Hazardous Material Waiver Form and Email to contact@thechemistryconnection.com . Add HAZMAT FORM to Subject line on Email please. If you do not send in the waiver, you, by purchasing still agree to the terms and acknowledge you are legal age to purchase, and are using the products purchased for legal uses.

Potassium Hydroxide can only be shipped via ground in the continental United States. We cannot ship this product to Alaska, Canada, Hawaii or Puerto Rico, or anywhere else outside the continental USA.

No exceptions.

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