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Polysorbate 20 16 Oz

Polysorbate 20 Quart
Polysorbate 20 Quart
Item# Polysorbate-20q
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Polysorbate 20 is a vegetable derived non ionic water soluble surfactant. Also known as poly 20. It is used to mix oils and water in all kinds of popular formulations.

Often used to blend fragrances in to many formulations where water is used to make lotions, creams, sprays and other products. Typically a 1:1 ratio is used, blending your fragrances and water in to the product you are making. It is especially useful since although there are other surfactants that may achieve a similar result they are foten higher foaming than polysorbates, which are low foaming.


CAS # 9005-64-5

32 Oz

Polysorbate 20 is perfect for formulating custom body sprays, linen sprays - just by adding fragrances to the polysorbate 20 1:1

Commonly used in oil in water emulsions,like lotions, creams, hair conditioners, cream rinses and other preparations.

HLB of poly 20 is 17.

Customary Usage: 1% - 10%

Synonyms:Polysorbate 20, TWEEN 20 ,T-MAZ 20,Polyoxyethylene [20] sorbitan monolaurate, CAS # 9005-64-5

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