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Propylene Glycol Quart

Propylene Glycol Quart
Propylene Glycol Quart
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Propylene Glycol

Pure PG

1 Quart / 32 Oz

CAS: 57-55-6

INCI: Propylene Glycol

PG is a CLEAR, syrupy, viscous liquid.

Used in so many applications:

Cosmetic ingredient as a benign solvent or carrier for actives. Humectant, lubricant, and more.

Pure Propylene Glycol. Appearance: A Clear oily liquid.

Odor: Odorless. Solubility:Miscible in water.

Specific Gravity: 1.0361 @ 20C/4C Boiling Point: 188.2C (370F)

Melting Point: -59C (-74F)

Vapor Density (Air=1): 2.6 Vapor Pressure (mm Hg): 0.129 @ 25C (77F)

Evaporation Rate (BuAc=1): 0.01

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