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Pumice All Types and Sizes

Pumice is a porous volcanic rock formed naturally, and under a microscope it looks like a sponge, consisting of a network of porous openings. Natural Pumice is an excellent abrasive and exfoliant, perfect for adding to all kinds of soaps, scrubs, and scouring products. It leaves skin silky smooth.

We offer three grades of pumice: The Extra Fine grade (FFF) , a medium Grade (F,) and a more coarse grade (1 1/2 ) which is just perfect for foot scrubs. The FFF Extra fine is the perfect pumice for scrubby soaps, more sensitive skin products, while the F grade is really good for soaps and scrubs where you want just a slightly more scrub action. Our 1 1/2 grade is perfect for foot scrubs and similar applications.
Give all three a try and experiment with different types. Mix them with our natural jojoba beads for even more variety.

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