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Pumice Coarse Grade F 50 Pound

Pumice Coarse Grade F 50 Lb
Pumice Coarse Grade F 50 Lb
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Pumice Coarse Grade

Pumice, or grit is typically used in making coarse scrubs, and gritty soap for mechanics and scrubbing those dirty kids' hands, or used as an exfoliant.

50 Pound

This is a more coarse Grade F Pumice. The more coarse pumice is typically for making products where you need some more coarseness in a gritty hand soap or a foot scrub possibly. More coarse. Almost like a very fine sand.

Packaged and shipped to you for your soap making and craftmaking. Pumice is used in a variety of ways. Add a small amount to your soap batches to make exfoliating soaps.

Use F coarse pumice for all kinds of polishing or light sandblasting, or make a coarse polishing paste - just add some water to form a paste and polish

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