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Pumice Fine Powder FFF 1 Lb

Pumice Fine FFF Powder 1 Lb
Pumice Fine FFF Powder 1 Lb
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Pumice Powder Fine

Pumice, or grit is typically used in making gritty soap for mechanics and scrubbing those dirty kids' hands, or used as an exfoliant. Whether you are needing a soapmaking pumice or pumice for polishing, or a general purpose FFF pumice this might be a good choice for your application.

1 Pound

This is a Finer grade FFF Grade Pumice. Good for making products where you need some slight coarseness in a scrub or a soap - but you don't want it too rough.

To start try using just a 1/2 tablespoon in a 5 pound batch of soap and then adjust from there depending on your preferences. If you are a hobby soap maker you need to try this fun and easy addition to your soaps!

Packaged and shipped to you for your soap making and craftmaking. Pumice is used in a variety of ways. Add a small amount to your soap batches to make exfoliating soaps.

Great soap making pumice.

Use FFF Pumice powder to form a polishing paste - just add some waterwater to form a paste and polish glass using muslin or polishing wheel.

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