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Ecofriendly, Environmentally Friendly Cleaner and Degreaser Iris 1 Gallon

Iris Enviro Friendly Solvent 1 Gallon
Iris Enviro Friendly Solvent 1 Gallon
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New generation, cutting edge technology, biodegradable precision Cleaner, Degreaser

New Generation precision cleaner, degreaser.

Newest technology in environmentally friendly chemistry.

A safe, non-flammable, high performance cleaner and degreaser! Suitable alternative to traditional VOC solvents and toxic solvents. An excellent replacement for Acetone, MEK, Mineral spirits, Ethyl Acetate, MIBK Isophorone, and other hazardous products.

Use wherever you need to remove oils and greases of all types, AND when you want a more earth-friendly solution to your industrial and heavy cleaning. Much safer for employees too!

Used in motorcyle shops, bicycle shops, automotive shops, refractory applications, resin cleaning,.

Used for precision wiping, degreasing, soaking to remove greases, soils residues, resin clean up and more.

Use in metal cleaners, graffiti cleaners, paint strippers, and all types of green cleaning products.

DfE approved, VOC exempt, ecofriendly, non HAP solvent.

Not a skin irritant or sensitizer.

Non toxic and non flammable.


Readily Biodegradeable > 60% according to OECD 310

Evaporation Rate: 0.6

Flash Point: 208.4 F

Boiling Point Min: 433 F

Active ingredient Dimethyl 2-Methylglutarate

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