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Shrink Wrap Film

Shrink WrapFilm 75 gauge 24 inch
Shrink WrapFilm 75 gauge 24 inch
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Clear 24 "Shrink Wrap Film

What a great way to package your product. The material is Ultra Clear, Shrink Wrap Film. 75 Gauge for durability.

Place your item on the wrap, hold ends together, and use a heat gun or good hairdryer to shrink the wrapping around what you are packing. (You may want to use a holder , something like a popsicle stick, to keep the wrap around the item due to the heat) Your item, is now enclosed in shrink wrap.

What a deal.

* Shipping: 10 foot, 25 and 50 foot lengths will ship in a Priority Mail envelope. The 100 foot and 250 foot lengths ship in a Medium Flat rate box. The 500 foot and larger will ship UPS Ground.Email me if you would like to add other items and we can quote the freight specifically for the item(s) you select to your exact ZIP. You get 50 feet of the film which is 12 inches wide - folded 12 inch wide, when unfolded it is 24 inches.

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