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Mica Starter Set Choose 5

Mica Starter Set Pick 5 Micas
Mica Starter Set Pick 5 Micas
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Choose 5 Mica Starter Set

Select 5 different selections of our fabulous Micas, in the 1/2 Oz size! A fantastic mica starter pack! You can select a variety of our fabulous Mica colors, and we ship you 5 of the 1/2 Oz sizes!!

Perfect Starter Pack Sizes - you get 1/2 ounce each of 5 different Micas! Just choose your selections in the pull down menus. You can do a lot with 1/2 Oz - A little goes a long way!

* Choose 5 different micas. We reserve the right to send alternate different mica colors if you choose more than one selection of the same color

The 5 set Mica starter kit may be shipped in either jars or bags depending on availability of packaging.

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