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Shea Butter Refined 10 Lb

Shea Butter Refined 10 Lb
Shea Butter Refined 10 Lb
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Shea Butter Refined

10 Pound

INCI: Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) Fruit

After being extracted from the Shea nut, the crude shea butter is fully refined, resulting in bulk pure white Shea Butter.

Traditionally Shea Butter has been used throughout Africa in cooking and medicinal applications. Today, the primary use of Shea Butter is in the skin care and cosmetic industry.

The unique fatty acid profile of Bulk Shea Butter - White, coupled with the butter?s high level of non-saponifiables make it a highly effective emollient. Our white Bulk Shea Butter is also known to contribute to skin elasticity. Because the material is deodorized and the color is removed, there should be limited interference with the desired fragrance and color of your end product.

This is a top Quality White Refined Cosmetic grade Shea Butter. This is an exquisite Shea Butter. Use it in your top of the line products that have a high percentage of Shea Butter. This Shea butter is so clean and free of fragrance it will work wonderfully with any fragrance.

Applications: Soaps,hair pomades,styling products,lip balm, (all Oil ) body butters,lotion bars,solid perfume, cuticle ointment, lotions, creams, balms, ointments, shea scrubs - or used alone for massage or skin cream.

Remember a little shea butter spreads and goes a long way.

With a melt point ranging from 89 -113F, our pure White Shea Butter is solid at room temperature.

* What to do if you get your Shea Butter and it is grainy - Don't panic! Pure Shea butter can be naturally grainy. Shea Butter has a beautiful consistency, but shipping may alter Shea butter - especially in summer months, and when it is in transport and it sits in hot warehouses or shipping trucks. To reduce graininess when working with shea butter - heat it gently only until it melts. If you are using other oils and butters, melt them gently together. Minimal heat reduces the risk of separation of the fats, which causes the crystallized grains to occur. Then let it sit uncovered until it reaches room temp, but not quite a solid, then pour into desired individual containers & cool.(Do not use a refrigerator or freezer to re-cool the shea butter)

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