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Sodium Benzoate Preservative 25 Lb

Sodium Benzoate 25 Lb
Sodium Benzoate 25 Lb
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Sodium benzoate is a widely used and effective preservative. It is commonly found in a wide range of products, especially food, beverages, and cosmetics due to its antimicrobial action combined with its low toxicity and low taste.

From carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, fruit and fruit juices, syrups, olives, pickles and other condiments sodium benzoate is widely used in a number of the products we consume every day.

Sodium Benzoate is listed as "GRAS" or GENERALLY REGARDED AS SAFE by the U.S. FDA when used as an antimicrobial agent or as a flavoring agent and adjunct in levels not to exceed good manufacturing practice (GMP), currently limited to 0.1% Maximum in food. Sodium benzoate works best in acidic environments.

Sodium Benzoate is primarily used as a preservative in the food and beverage industries. It also is used as a preservative in cosmetic products and as a corrosion inhibitor in automotive and other antifreeze products.

It is also used in foods as salad dressing, pickles, fruit juices, and carbonated drinks.

Since it is most effective at low pH Sodium Benzoate is often used in conjunction with our Fine Citric Acid Citric Acid to reduce the pH. Sodium Benzoate is most effective in a low pH environment, at a pH of 6 and under. Sodium Benzoate is often combined with Potassium Sorbate in low pH products to provide a more effective and synergistic preservative effect against yeast and mold.

Our Sodium Benzoate is an easy to use extruded pellet form. No dusty powder.

Sodium benzoate is a hygroscopic material. It attracts moisture. The container MUST be kept closed when not in use.

Easily dissolves in water, forming a transparent, colorless solution.

We sell several sizes- from 1 Lb up to 55 Lb and pallets

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