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Soap Colorant Deep colors Set 2

Soap Colorant Deep colors Set 2
Soap Colorant Deep colors Set 2
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Soap Colorant

Set 2 Deep colors

Picture shows colorant set #2 used in a clear soap base.

When colorant set #2 colors are added to clear base the soap becomes opaque. These colors are opacifying pigments.

When added to clear soap, the soap base does not remain transparent

Soap Colorants
Color your finished soaps with professional pigments & dyes. Six assorted colors when you purchase the sets.

Colors include: Black, Kelly Green, Brown, White, Deep Red,Earth Yellow, Lavender, Deep Blue, Earth Orange

Each container contains 1 ounce of non-bleeding color in a vegetable base. Safe and non-toxic. Colors can be blended to create custom colors. Use with melt and pour and cold-process soaps. You can also buy the colors individually. (See product details / ads titled individual bottles. )

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