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COCO SULFATE Surfactant 10 Lb

Sodium Coco Sulfate 10 Lb
Sodium Coco Sulfate 10 Lb
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COCO SULFATE Also known as Sodium Coco Sulfate

All Natural Coconut derived Surfactant

All Natural surfactant, Sodium Coco Sulfate is a solid, high active, anionic surfactant in noodle form. This versatile product is excellent for use as the primary foamer in topical personal cleansing products and shave creams.

INCI: Sodium Coco Sulfate

10 Lb

Sodium coco sulfate will make your cleansers have a typically denser and creamier foam and may be translucent rather than clear. It is made with Cocos Nucifera ~

Made from pure Coconut Oil feedstock.

Suggested uses:

- Facial Cleansers

- Shaving Products

- Shower Gels

- Body Washes

- Liquid Handsoaps

- Shampoos

Top Quality, all natural surfactant - Excellent for your soaps, skin care products, bath products. Anywhere you need an all around gentle surfactant.

* Looks great in the needle form if you put in to soap bars too!

we sell all sizes! From 8 Oz to 50 Lb Bags . We also sell a powdery version of this too. If you do not see the size you need let me know.

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