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Sodium Gluconate 50 Lb

Sodium Gluconate 50 Lb
Sodium Gluconate 50 Lb
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Sodium Gluconate


Chemical Formula: C6H11NaO7

Synonyms: Gluconic acid, sodium salt; Gluconic scid, monosodium salt

50 Lb


Sodium Gluconate FCC (Food Chemical Codex) has many varied uses as a natural rinse aid (great for use in glass cleaners, dishwashing etc..), anti redeposition agent in cleansers, has excellent chelating power.

Very soluble in water.

Sodium Gluconate is used in Dairy, Herb & spice blends, meat products.

PERSONAL CARE: Dental, Skin care, Toiletry items.

CLEANSERS & DETERGENTS:Dishwasing,Industrial Cleaners,Household Cleaners

INDUSTRIAL USES :Construction Chemicals, Inks, Paints, Dyes, Paper, Water Treatment, Photography

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