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Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Solution 5 Gallon 40 Lb +-

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Solution 5 Gallon 40 Lb +-
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Solution 5 Gallon 40 Lb +-
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Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Liquid

Widely used, top quality surfactant. Has excellent foaming. Used in a variety of applications from Shampoos - Body Washes - Shaving Creams - Detergents - General Cleaners - Rug Shampoos Very effective, even in the presence of greasy soils.

Similar products are: SLS, SLS SOlution, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate , Polystep B3, SLS 30, SLS 29% ,CalFoam SLS 30, Stepanol WAC, Sulfochem SLS

Used primarily for their foaming in shampoos, general and specialty detergent applications like: # Personal care applications- such as shampoos, bath products, shaving creams, and handsoaps. # Used in many typical household cleaning applications such as rug shampoos, light duty liquids, laundry detergent and fine fabric wash. # Used for scouring and foaming for textile and other industrial applications.

Excellent foamer and good viscosity response.

5 gallon pail

Compatible with most nonionics, amphoterics, alkanolamides and natural soaps. Combine with Cocamide DEA (high foam booster) and cocobetaine for high viscocity products.

INCI: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

CAS # 151-21-3

SLS SOlution range is 28 to 30% . Typical is 29%

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