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Sodium Metabisulfite 50 Pound
Food and Photo grade

Sodium Metabisulfite FCC and Photo grade 50 Lb
Sodium Metabisulfite FCC and Photo grade 50 Lb
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Sodium Metabisulfite food and photo grade

50 Pound Bag

Synonyms: Sodium metabisulfite; sodium metabisulphite, Disulfurous acid, disodium salt; Sodium Metabisulfite ,Disodium disulphite, Pyrosulfurous acid, disodium salt, Sodium pyrosulfite, pyrosulfurous acid-disodium salt

Chemical Formula: Na2S2O5



# Wine making (sterilization)

# Tanning

# Food and beverage

# Water treatment

# Stump Removal

To use as a sterilant, use just 2 ounces of the powder per gallon of water. Pour concentrated solution over containers, utensils etc..or soak them in it. Allow to dry. This solution can be reused several times. A good rule of thumb is to use until the concentrate becomes cloudy.

*** When mixed with water, sodium metabisulfite releases sulfur dioxide (SO2), a pungent, unpleasant smelling gas that can also cause breathing difficulties in some people.*** READ and FOLLOW DIRECTIONS ON MSDS. USE PROPER PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT -

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