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Sodium Thiosulfate Rice Crystals 55 pounds (25 Kg)

Sodium Thiosulfate Rice Crystals 55 Lb
Sodium Thiosulfate Rice Crystals 55 Lb
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Sodium Thiosulfate Pentahydrate Rice Crystals are easy to use and have a wide variety of uses:

  • Dechlorination of water (aquariums, koi ponds, etc..)
  • Tanning leather,
  • Photography
  • Gold Mining

    For dechlorinatino try making a concentrate by adding just 4 Oz of the Sodium Thiosulfate to 1 gallon of water. Then just use 1 -2 drops of your concentrate per gallon of water to be dechlorinated.

    *Test water using chlorine test kit to verify your chlorine activity after dechlorinating.

    Synonyms sodium subsulfite; HYPO; antichlor; Thiosulfuric acid, disodium salt; Thiosulfuric acid (H2S2O3), disodium salt;Na2O3S2

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