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Stearyl Alcohol 16 Oz

Stearyl Alcohol 16 Oz
Stearyl Alcohol 16 Oz
Item# Stearyl-alcoh-16Oz
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Stearyl Alcohol, a vegetable derived product, it an excellent additive, for making your favorite lotions, creams, hair and skin products.

Stearyl Alcohol, either used by itself, or in combination with cetyl and/ or cetearyl alcohol (a blend of cetyl and stearyl in varying ratios) is used to achieve different feel and textures of your final products.

  • Appearance: White pastilles
  • Odor - No odor
  • Typical 1 Octadecanol with 98% + C 18 carbon chain distribution
  • Acid Value 0.1 Max.
  • Saponification Value 0.3 Max.
  • Hydroxyl value 200-210
  • Melt Point 139 F

  • 1 Lb / 16 Oz Stearyl Alcohol

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