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Star Anise (whole) 2 Oz Illicium verum

Star Anise (whole) 2 Oz
Star Anise (whole) 2 Oz
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Star Anise (whole)

Illicium verum

Star Anise (whole) is also known as Chinese Star Anise, and Star Aniseed.

Star Anise is a spice obtained from the fruits of a shrub - a small evergreen tree native to southwest China. It is named Star since the seed pods are star-shaped. These pods contain a highly aromatic compound called anethole, which is responsible for the anise-like flavor of the spice.

Star Anise is a component of garam masala, and the Chinese Five-Spice Powder. It is a very common seasoning in Indian and Asian foods. Whole star anise is also used in potpourri mixtures and tea blends, and even in some beer and winemaking blends.

Keep in mind this is a natural product and some harvests and lots will look a little different than others,

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