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Sunflower Oil 16 Oz

Sunflower Oil 16 Oz
Sunflower Oil 16 Oz
Item# sunflower_oil_16oz

Sunflower Oil

Helianthus annuus

Sunflower oil 16 Oz

Sunflower oil is very versatile and is used in many applications - from soap making, where it helps provide good lathering, to use as a base for massage oils.

High Oleic Sunflower Oil has high amounts of essential fatty acids, and Vitamin E. Sunflower oil is the perfect choice to blend with your other base oils for massage oil blends, and great for perfume bases too.

Since it is a lightweight oil it's wonderful in bath oils and lotions but has a slow absorption rate.

Sunflower oil , depending on whether you blend it or use it alone, may leave an oily feeling on skin.

Try making soap with Sunflower oil. In Soapmaking, sunflower oil helps provide a stable, conditioning lather.

SAP Value: KOH: .191 NaOH: .136

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