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Tocopherol Vitamin E 8 Ounce

Tocopherol Natural Vitamin E 8 oz
Tocopherol Natural Vitamin E 8 oz
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Tocopherol T-50 Natural Vitamin E

Tocopherol T-50 Natural Vitamin E is derived from natural sources and has higher biological activity on a weight basis versus Vitamin E derived from synthetic sources.

The T-150 is a very oily liquid with a characteristic odor. Colors range from a light yellow brown to reddish brown. The color changes gradually into dark brown after contact with air or light but the color change is not indicative of any alteration of, or strength of the antioxidant activity.

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Some reported uses and applications of T-150 natural vitamin E are :

  • Anti-aging creams and lotions
  • UV protective products
  • Creams and Lotion moisturizers
  • Creams and lotions for treatment of burns

    In addition to providing skin care properties and moisturizing the skin T -150 is an antioxidant therfore help protect your products by slowing rancidity and thereby extending shelf life of your products. Tocopherol vitamin E will extends the shelf life of natural oils.Can be added to vegetable and cosmetic oils at room temperature with mixing. Use it as early as possible to receive maximum benefit. T-150 is insoluble in water but soluble in organic solvents.

    T-150 is heat tolerant, allowing for early addition in the formulating process. Product using Tocopherol can be labeled “natural vitamin E.”

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