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Methylglycinediacetic Acid Chelate Granular

Trilon M Granular 1 lb and 5 Lb
Trilon M Granular 1 lb and 5 Lb
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Methylglycinediacetic Acid

Trilon M Granular

CAS#: 164462-16-2

Physical Form - Fine Yellowish granule

1 Lb, or choose 5 for the 5 Lb with price break

Use to replace tetrasodium edta in bar soap with an environmentally friendly chelate to prevent rancidity and extend shelf life.

Can be used to replace phosphates and phosphonates in all types of products. Use in Soap bars to extend shelf life and prevent rancidity. Use in all types of cleaners, and other compounds to chelate, and replace phosphates and phosphonates.

Methylglycinediacetic Acid is an environmentally friendly chelate and cleaner. It is approved by, and listed on the EPA Design for the Environment Certifacation Program (DFE). Biogradable.

The Trilon M Organic chelant is used to control the concentration of metal ions in aqueous systems.

The most important property of Trilon M types is their ability to form water-soluble complexes with polyvalent ions (eg. calcium, magnesium, lead, copper, zinc, cadmium, mercury, manganese, iron) over a wide pH range from 2 to 13.5. MGDA usually forms 1 : 1 complexes, i. e. 1 mol of MGDA chelates binds to 1 mol of metal ions. These complexes remain stable, especially in alkaline media and even at temperatures of up to 100 C.

Technical Data and MSDS - See links below

Trilon M Types and Technical information

Trilon M MSDS

Also known as: Trisodium Salt of Methylglycine Diacetic Acid.

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