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Triethanolamine 99% 32 oz (Quart) Also known as Triethanolamine 32 oz

Triethanolamine Quart
Triethanolamine Quart
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Triethanolamine 99% is a widely used chemical with many functions. It is used in the manufacturing of many other chemicals - like surfactants, and emulsifiers. It is a common ingredient used in many common consumer, commercial and industrial products.

One function of triethanolamine is neutralizing fatty acids, adjusting and buffering the pH of products, and solubilizing oils and other ingredients that are not completely soluble in water. Triethanolamine is used for example in our Carbopol 940 to neutralize as you make a thickener or a suspension base with the carbopol 940

Some common products containing triethanolamine are: Lotions, liquid detergents like laundry and dishwashing liquid soaps, shaving creams, general surface cleaners, polishes, metalworking fluids, paints, and printing inks.

Cas #: 102-71-6

pH 10.0 to 11.0

Specific Gravity: 1.12

Melting/Freezing Point: 64.2-70 O

Odor/Appearance: Viscous light yellow liquid with a slight ammonia odor

Quart bottle Triethanolamine 32 Oz

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