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Ultra Mild concentrate 16 Oz

Ultra Mild Base Iselux 16 Oz
Ultra Mild Base Iselux 16 Oz
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The Chemconx Ultra Mild Iselux concentrate is a specially formulation for the discriminating D-I-Y formulator that desires a natural focus and very mild end use cleansing product. Ultra Mild has ingredients that are naturally derived, good foaming and has a very low irritancy profile.It is perfect for making products where a formulator desires It is also tear-free, making it an excellent choice for baby washes and shampoos.

The concentrate is easy to use and can produce stable products with very little effort, just add water, and you can produce clear formulations that offer luxurious lather and really soft after-feel.

ChemConx Ultra Mild is more than 80% natural derived from renewable plant based-resources. Our Chemconx Ultra mild is free of sulfates, EO, 1,4-dioxane, formaldehyde, nitrosamines, and parabens.

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