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Xylitol 1 Lb

Xylitol 1 Lb
Xylitol 1 Lb
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Xylitol is a sugar based alcohol sweetener and chemical.

Xylitol is a product made from the reduction of glucose. It is an excellent sweetener.

1 Lb pack

Xylitol is usedin a wide variety of products; especially diet products, Snack foods, confectioneries, syrups, sugarless gums, ice creams, and diet drinks.

Xylitol is just as sweet as table sugar (sucrose), it has about 75% fewer carbohydrates AND 40% fewer calories. Since xylitol is slowly absorbed and metabolized, the result is typically very negligible changes in insulin. Xylitol typically does not raise blood sugar like regular sugar. The quick increase in insulin changes due to sugar typically puts tremendous strain on your system, causing negative health effects.

Did you know it has been reported xylitol used as a low-glycemic sweetener, may be very safe for diabetics and hypoglycemics? Xylitol has been shown to decrease the incidence of tooth decay, it helps strengthen tooth enamel. Your natural saliva protects your mouth and teeth. Saliva typically contains all the components needed to repair early cavities. If sugar is only taken a couple of times a day, the saliva can do the job alone. However most Americans have such a large daily intake of sugar that the saliva in the mouth won't protect enough.

Xylitol in saliva helps make the saliva more alkaline than saliva stimulated by sugar products. After using xylitol products, the concentration of basic amino acids and ammonia in saliva and plaque may rise, and plaque pH rises as well. When pH is above 7, calcium and phosphate salts in saliva start to move into those parts of enamel that are weak. Therefore, soft, calcium-deficient enamel sites begin to harden again.

Xylitol may cause a laxative effect if used too often!

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